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Memory Foam Dental Headrests, Pillows and Patient Comfort Accessories for Dental Chairs


Choose memory foam dental headrests and patient neck pillows by MediPosture to help improve patient neck support while they recline in the dental chair. The soft, memory foam dental headrest works to fill the void between the patient’s neck and the dental chair, which helps to support the cervical spine and relax tension in the neck.

Our superior quality memory foam dental headrests can also help to improve chair side ergonomics for dental professionals who struggle between making patients comfortable and protecting themselves from muscular fatigue, or musculoskeletal injury. The sloping design of the MediPosture dental headrest works to gently “roll” the patient’s head backward, while the thick, radius side of the dental cushion provides full support to the cervical spine. This head-backward positioning helps to set the occlusal plane at the optimal 15-20 degrees for improved access to the oral cavity.

All MediPosture headrests should be sized according to the dental chair, which allows for maximum improvement in patient comfort and ergonomic head-positioning. For articulating headrest dental chairs, we recommend a low-profile dental headrest that measures 3.5” thick. For dental chairs that feature a flat-style, or “pull-out” headrest, Mediposture recommends a 4” thick memory foam dental headrest pillow. For those practices that treat geriatric dental patients, we also offer a 6” thick version of our dental headrest that helps to fill in the void between the dental chair and the patient’s neck.

Dental professionals who use MediPosture dental headrests, understand that they are distinguished by their exceptional performance and quality, hand-built into each product. MediPosture memory foam inserts are rated to perform higher and last longer. Our dental headrests covers are anti-microbial for easy infection-control and feature thicker elastic back straps that can be slide-adjusted through a locking clamp.

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Dental Chair Cushions and Accessories for Patient Comfort in Dental Chairs

Memory foam dental chair headrest pillows and patient comfort accessories are what we specialize in at MediPosture.

So whether seeking a solution to help patients feel more comfortable in the dental chair, or attempting to re-position patients for improving ergonomic work-angles – we have a solution!

Our MediPosture dental chair cushion designs are the result of having consulted with 1,000’s of dental professionals on patient comfort and ergonomic work-angle improvement needs.

Instead of using unsanitary neck pillows or rolled hand towels for patient comfort, responsibly consider one of our MediPosture memory foam dental headrests, backrests, knee lifts, or dental chair overlay pads that were designed to accurately, comfortably and safely position patients in the dental chair.

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Dental Chair Cushions Made in the USA

MediPosture is the only dental chair cushion company with its own manufacturing plant. We cut our own foam and assemble our products ourselves in Little Falls, Minnesota. We build each product with high-quality materials. But our pricing remains lower than alternate brands.


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