A GUIDE FOR DENTAL PATIENT COMFORT PRODUCTS August 22, 2019 – Posted in: Uncategorized

Sit back in your dental chair and let’s talk about comfort. In fact, if you’ve been working along side your dental chair for years, now might be the perfect time to put yourself back in the patient’s spot and do some reflection. 

How does your neck feel?
Patient neck strain is the leading source of discomfort in a dental chair. Neck strain results when patients are reclined without adequate support to the arch of the cervical spine. Middle-aged and elderly patients are the most susceptible to stiff neck muscles or dizziness that can even linger for days after a dental visit. Such uncomfortable experiences by dental patients have the potential to negatively impact the perception of your comfort care and overall practice.  

Memory foam dental neck pillows are often recommended as an effective solution for relieving dental patient neck strain. By placing a memory foam dental neck pillow under the patient’s neck, the pillow is allowed to conform and fully support the cervical spine. This enhanced support relaxes patients and they will have a greater tolerance for being reclined in the dental chair. They will also appreciate and remember the thoughtful gesture of being offered a memory foam dental neck pillow.

How does your back feel?
Few dental chairs are designed to offer patient lumbar support. Patients with chronic back pain often require special considerations when reclined. Who are they? Well, its reported that over 80% of the population will suffer from an episode of chronic back pain at least once in their lifetime. Certainly as a dentist, you’ll want to do your best to enhance the lumbar support of your dental chair for all patients.

The great news for back pain sufferers is that dental backrest supports are available for the dental chair. These retro-fit cushions are perfect for their ability to be placed accurately behind the lumbar spine of each patient. Like the dental neck pillows, these dental backrests fill the void of the spine to offer pro-active pain relief though support.

How do your hips and shoulders feel?
Some dental patients will have unseen aches and pains that are never mentioned. These could include shoulder, hip or knee pain; sometimes pain from cancer. Dental chairs are simply not designed to provide comfort for instances of exception.

When adaptive comfort care is need, dentists an be prepared by investing in multi-cushion sets for their dental chairs. Patients come with various shapes, sizes and comfort needs. Having the right cushion can have a huge impact on the patient comfort experience.

​So as you take inventory of the comfort of your dental chair, consider the potential benefit to your practice with enhanced comfort care for all of your patients. Could that mean scheduling more six-month checkups? How about greater online customer reviews, patient retention, or word-of-mouth advertising??  

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