A DENTAL COMFORT SOLUTION CAN SAVE TIME September 17, 2019 – Posted in: Uncategorized

Ever wonder if a dental comfort solution could save time? Imagine your patient is saying that reclining “all the way back” in your dental chair hurts their neck. This creates a dilemma – either you treat them in a more upright position, at a risk to your personal safety; or you find a dental comfort solution that allows them to tolerate full recline.

Behind the friendly smile, you can feel the mounting pressure. The tight appointment schedule already had you feeling stressed and now efficiency is walking out the door. Reality strikes – if you can’t get your patient ergonomically positioned, your neck and shoulders are going to carry strain home – AGAIN!

For ill-equipped dental practice, patients with special comfort needs can dramatically reduce dental practice scheduling efficiency. Time spent on trips to the supply closet, rolling bath towels, or covering store-bought pillows are minutes lost, that could have been devoted to more thoroughly treating the patient. These improvised “solutions” also pose a high infection-control risk, as they do not feature barrier protections.

To improve efficiency and infection-control standards, many dental professionals are choosing a MediPosture dental comfort product solution that fits their needs. These universal-fit, dental chair accessories range from memory foam neck pillows that address the common issue of patient neck strain, to 4-piece dental chair overlay cushion sets that provide full body comfort.

Efficiency is built into every MediPosture dental cushion. For instance, all memory foam dental headrests are designed at a precise height to ensure correct ergonomic, patient head-positioning. High-density memory foam inserts ensure that full neck support is provided to patients. MediPosture dental headrests exclusively offer adjustable elastic backstraps that are used to tightly affix their position on dental chairs. They can be left on the dental chair and used for the benefit of every dental patient, eliminating the need for the inefficient practice of rolling towels and covering store-bought pillows with garbage bags.

Infection-control is another area of efficiency provided by MediPosture products. Each product features an anti-microbial cover that is constructed of medical-grade urethane, that acts as an infection control barrier. The covers can be quickly sterilized between patient visits by using infection-control solutions already used in the operatory.

So if you’re a dental practice that would like to improve the efficiency and comfort of treating patients with special comfort needs, you should consider a MediPosture dental comfort solution. Their products are designed to perform in the high-stress world of dentistry and will definitely provide valuable, time-saving opportunity for you and your staff.