COVID-19 AND DENTAL INFECTION-CONTROL PRODUCTS February 20, 2020 – Posted in: Uncategorized

The recent Covid-19 outbreak has required safer infection-control standards in dental practices. Dental patient awareness, anxiety and practice liability has never been higher. Dental practices are taking full measure to protect the health of patients during treatments. As dentists explore new methods to improve the safety of patients and themselves, its also an opportunity to build trust and patient loyalty by consistently demonstrating infection-control best practices.

One area of infection-control that dentists often overlook is patient
comfort and positioning in the dental chair. Previous to the Covid-19 pandemic, rolled towels and store-bought pillows were commonly used. Unfortunately,  these make-shift supports do not offer a protective, infection-control barrier. This greatly increases the risk of infecting both patients and dentists.

To protect patients and themselves, dentists should insist on dental chair
comfort accessories designed for that purpose. MediPosture
brand dental comfort products feature infection-control material designed for use in surgical environments. The cover material does not have pores, so bacteria and viruses remain on the top-surface, which makes sterilizing with clinical-strength, dental infection-control solutions very efficient.

Take additional steps to protect your patients and your dental practice with MediPosture dental chair comfort accessories. Not only do they offer infection-control features, but they can help project a more professional approach to patient comfort.