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Are you a dental professional seeking a safe and more comfortable dental chair strategy to accommodate special needs and special care dental patients?

Typically, these patients are described as pediatric, adult or geriatric dental patients requiring special medical, physical or psychiatric considerations during treatment.

For special needs or care patients, dental chairs often fall short to adequately support chronic spinal conditions, soothe anxieties, stabilize or accurately position patients for comfort during treatments. Too often patient comfort is achieved at the ergonomic expense of dental operators, which can lead to professionally-crippling musculoskeletal injury.

Safe and effective comfort and ergonomically correct positioning solutions are now available. Many professionals who treat special needs and special care patients are choosing MediPosture dental chair cushions for their exceptional comfort, ergonomic-designs and durability.

The MediPosture Dental Chair Overlay Pad set is highly recommended for dental practices who treat patients with special considerations. Included in each set is a memory foam dental headrest designed for optimal patient neck support and positioning, a backrest to properly support the lumbar spine, a knee lift to further release pressure off the lower back and a thick, memory foam chair overlay pad for soothing, full-body comfort.

MediPosture cushions are covered with a soft and very supple, medical-grade material that is extremely resistant to tearing, staining or wear from daily use. The urethane material used for the product covers is designed to meet stringent medical-environment requirements and endure repetitive sterilization with solutions commonly found in the dental operatory.

So if you are a dental professional looking for a more efficient, comfortable and safer way to provide treatment to special needs and care patients, you should explore the advantage that MediPosture can uniquely offer.




Visit the website of most dental practices and you’ll see encouraging images of beautiful, smiling patients and promises of compassionate and relaxing dental care. This is intentional.

According to the American Journal of Dental Hygiene, up to 80% of patients suffer from anxiety in dental practice settings – up to 20% have High-Anxiety!

 The warm smiles and soft touches of a dental waiting room are definitely a great step toward building trust and lowering anxious-tension, but what is your practice doing to keep patients relaxed and comfortable while in the dental chair?

For many patients, a dental chair is a source of anxiety and discomfort. By design, dental chairs are sparse on padding, rigid and adjusted for the ergonomic advantage of the dental operator – not the patient.

With MediPosture dental chair cushions, many dentists are recognizing there are new, professional-quality comfort options that can help toward reducing the anxiety and discomfort of dental patients.

MediPosture brand dental cushions are unique because not only are they extremely comfortable for patients, they are specifically manufactured with the highest-quality materials in the industry. The performance edge provided by premium materials, allows MediPosture products to correctly support and accurately position patients for the dental operator. Our products are designed to last longer too.

So if you have ever wondered if patient anxiety might be impacting appointment scheduling, patient retention, referrals or online reviews of your practice, you might want to consider the comfort of your dental chair. The gesture of providing a memory foam dental headrest to support a patient’s neck, or a backrest and knee lift to alleviate a sore back might be the difference between an annual dental checkup and a “Sign-up” for an appointment in six months.


The Dental Headrest Pillow by MediPosture provides comfortable neck support to patients in dental chairs. The special “D-Shape” Dental Headrest Pillow is wider than our traditional headrests and can also be used as a shoulder or lumbar support. Each dental headrest pillow features a high-quality memory foam and are a great way to improve patient comfort in the dental chair.




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CLASSIC Dental Chair Headrests and Patient Neck Pillows by MediPosture


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The CLASSIC memory foam dental headrest by MediPosture helps patients feel more relaxed in the dental chair. The soft memory foam cushion provides a comfortable, pillow-like neck support so dentists can position patients more ergonomically in the dental chair.

All MediPosture Classic dental chair pillows feature high-support 5-pound density memory foam which is a significant quality upgrade when compared to other popular headrests. The benefit is a dental pillow that delivers greater comfort and neck support for patients.

Also, when you choose a CLASSIC memory foam dental headrest by MediPosture, your cushion receives premium features that other headrests don’t. Each Classic headrest by MediPosture features heavy-duty, adjustable back straps that make these dental headrests easy to retro-fit to any dental chair. They are secured in place with a heavy-duty locking clamp that offers infinite adjustment. A zipper on the backside allows for easy access to the memory foam cushion insert as well.

Like all MediPosture dental headrests, the CLASSIC memory foam headrests offer excellent infection control, as they are covered with a medical-grade urethane that is designed to withstand disinfection cleanings between patient visits with infection control solutions commonly found in nearly every dental office.

Consider the MediPosture quality difference – you’ll be glad that you did!


MediPosture: Premium Memory Foam Dental Chair Headrests, Dental Patient Neck Pillows and Dental Chair Cushions

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See the YouTube Video: Here


Want a memory foam dental headrest that allows you to adjust the comfort – how firm or soft? How about a long-lasting dental headrest built with no quality or performance compromises??

Choose the ICORE series dental headrest pillows by MediPosture.

Amaze your dental patients with a new level of dental chair comfort delivered by the most technically advanced dental headrest cushion available.

ICORE Technology allows the comfort level of each dental headrest pillow to be adjusted. Simply UN-zip the cover and insert the soft or firm ICORE support rod of your choosing. The exchange only takes seconds.

Features that only MediPosture offers:

– Best-in-Industry 6-pound Memory Foam Dental Cushion Inserts

– Adjustable Comfort with ICORE Support Rod Technology

– Adjustable Elastic Back Strap with Locking Clamp

– Anti-microbial Zipper-access Headrest Cover for Infection Control

Informed dentists are now choosing MediPosture.




Dental Chair Pillows and Infection Control Solutions

MediPosture memory foam dental headrest pillows and comfort cushions are popular with dentists for their ability to improve dental chair comfort and their ability to withstand repeated infection control cleanings between patients.

All MediPosture dental chair pillows, pads and cushions feature a Urethane-based fabric that was designed in collaboration with medical professionals to offer both safety and comfort in healthcare environments.

This fabric we use is a very soft, smooth material that “slowly releases” its anti-microbial system for the life of the product. The fabric acts as a barrier that is also fluid resistant, further enhancing its infection control capabilities.

For infection control cleanings, the dental chair pillows will accept cleaning compounds that are commonly used in the dental operatory. It can be as simple as spray and wipe!

This material DOES NOT contain latex or phthalates.

So as you consider your next purchase of dental chair pillows or a dental chair pad, you might want to consider the quality and technology of a MediPosture brand product.


Disclaimer: This information is to be used as a guideline and does not express a guarantee or warranty.


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MediPosture Dental Cushions Can Help “OVERHAUL” Dental Chairs

Dental chair “repair” in a box. Well – updating the comfort of your older, or existing dental chair could be as simple as ordering the MediPosture Dental Chair Overlay Pad Set …and yes, it really does come in a box!

We’ve all seen THAT dental chair, the one with the torn upholstery…

Simply place a MediPosture Dental Chair Overlay Pad over the dental chair and what patients see is a 2” thick pad with memory foam that provides full-body pressure point relief.


Or the dental chair with a gap between the seat and back of the chair…

Again, set the MediPosture Dental Chair Overlay Pad on top of the chair and its one-piece design covers most of the length of the dental chair, virtually eliminating any gaps or uncomfortable contours.

 Could your dental chair use improved lumbar support?

When dental chairs forget lumbar support, use the MediPosture Dental Backrest and Dental Knee lift to release pressure off the patient’s lumbar region. It’s so effective, patients might think they are floating!

Can’t get the patient’s head positioned easily?

With MediPosture memory foam dental headrests, setting the occlusal plane of the dental patient is made easy. MediPosture dental headrests are specifically contoured to simulate the tilt-motion of double-articulating dental chairs. Suddenly your old chair is ergonomic! Dental patients will love the memory foam dental neck pillow too!!

Infection control is also made easy with all MediPosture products, as we use anti-microbial coverings that accept cleaners that are commonly used in dental settings.

So if you are wondering if that old dental chair could have more life in it, or if it feels like your dental chair’s padding went on a diet, check out the premium-quality options at MediPosture. A dental chair “overhaul” box could be just a phone call away.

Visit MediPosture at:

Or call at: 888-499-8709



PRESS RELEASEpediatric_dental_knee-to-knee_oral exam_baby well visit_pediatric dentistry_dental booster_dental child booster seat_dental child booster chair_dental chair booster


Pediatric dentists practicing Knee-to-Knee dental exams now have a safer way. MediPosture has designed a Knee-to-Knee Cradle that securely rests on the legs of both the dentist and the parent to position the child in place during examination. For added safety, the cradle can be secured to the parent via an adjustable strap.

The Knee-to-Knee Cradle is constructed using sturdy foam that is covered with a medical-grade vinyl-coating for easy cleanings – offering safer exams. This revolutionary design features a safe 3” deep memory foam lined cradle with high sides and a special divot that helps tilt the child’s head gently backwards for easier examination. Measures: (External) 26”L x 18”W x 7”H (Internal) 22”L x 9”W x 3”H



pediatric dentist_dental booster_dental chair booster_dental chair child booster_dental child booster seat_kiddie dental headrest_memory foam dental headrest_dental neck pillow_dental neck roll



Give kids the BIG chair treatment with a MediPosture Child Booster seat and Kiddie Headrest Combo! The Child Booster improves ergonomic work angles by raising kids in the dental chair. They enjoy the special attention, while dental operator’s benefit from reduced neck and back strain.

Ergonomic benefit is further increased when using the MediPosture Memory Foam Kiddie Headrest. The headrest establishes correct positioning of the occlusal plane; making it easier to access the oral cavity and perform X-Rays.


Child Booster Measures: 26″L x 15″W x 7″H (Reclined)

Kiddie Dental Headrest Measures: 8”L x 6”W x 2.75”H



mediposture_dental headrest_icore_dental patient pillow_dental neck pillow_memory foam dental headrest_dental headrest_dental neck roll_ergonomic dental pillow


The Best Memory Foam Dental Headrest for Your Dental Practice?

Quality Indicators to Consider Before Purchasing


Choosing the best Memory Foam dental headrest for your dental chair shouldn’t be confusing. Yet – with so many options in the marketplace, it can be challenging to understand what would make one dental headrest better than the other. After all, many are claiming to offer the “best” dental headrest.

Dentists just really want to know; “How effectively will a dental headrest improve patient head-positioning?” and “Will it help my patients feel more comfortable?”

MediPosture recognizes that most dentists are not aware that there are significant differences in quality and performance between Memory Foams used in dental headrests. We are betting that most other manufacturers would prefer to keep it that way too. MediPosture sees things differently; we feel that if you are informed about what’s in your headrest that you’ll figure out which is the “best” dental headrest for you.

The purpose of using a Memory Foam dental headrest is two-fold:

  1. Establishes 15-20 degree placement of the occlusal plane for ergonomic benefit to the dentist.
  2. To provide comfortable neck support to the patients during procedures.

…and that’s the challenge with Memory Foam. Dentists want the special dental headrest contour to help promote the correct head-position of the patient; while at the same time, patients want to feel that soft-goodness that only Memory Foam can provide. Introduce a patient’s head-weight and body-heat and quickly the temperature-sensitive Memory Foam begins to distort – surrendering all benefit of being a contoured dental neck pillow for ergonomic positioning.

The great news is that MediPosture has engineered a solution with its ICORE series of Memory Foam dental headrests. We start by using a high-density 6lb. Memory Foam that has a greater resistance to distortion. Other headrests use light-weight 4lb. Memory Foam that distort quicker. The density rating is expressed by measuring the amount of foam in 1 cubic foot. This is very important for dental headrests because a high-density foam is going to offer much less contour distortion, greater support and have greater product life.

Also, when comparing our MediPosture 6lb. Memory Foam to the more commonly used 4lb. foam of other headrests, the MediPosture foam has a higher IFD rating of 18lbs. vs. 13lbs. What that measures is the amount of weight it takes to indent a 4” of foam by 25%.

MediPosture further enhanced the ICORE series of dental headrests by designing an interchangeable support rod system. Dentists can now control the level of support or comfort the dental chair pillow provides by inserting softer or firmer density support rods through the zippered access in the back of the dental headrest. The rod exchange takes seconds and allows the dentist to customize the dental headrest cushion.

Further distinguishing MediPosture are the extra features that you won’t find in other headrests such as; adjustable heavy-duty elastic back straps that fit to any dental chair – and if they stretch, cinch it tight again with the locking clamp. Want to adjust the comfort? Unzip the back and switch out the ICORE support rods. We also have dental headrests in varying thicknesses so that your patients are positioned correctly and comfortably in your dental chair.

Quality and product performance is what we do at MediPosture. We could say we’re the “best” but now that you’ve been informed – we’ll let you decide.