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Full Body Comfort by MediPosture

Dental Chair Pad System for Total Patient Comfort

Dental chairs are designed for function, not comfort. When your patients are uncomfortable during their appointments, they leave with a bad memory. It changes their entire perception of your practice. Dental cushions help your patients feel as comfortable as possible during their visits. As a result, they feel relaxed,  comfortable, and have an amazing experience.

MediPosture can provide your patients with total full-body support. Our Dental Chair Pad System is an arrangement of dental cushions. We have engineered the cushions to provide full-body comfort for your patients. Our Dental Chair Pad System includes a chair pad and Backrest. It also includes a Knee Lift and memory foam neck cushion.

ICORE Support Technology Headrest for Neck Comfort

Our innovative memory foam headrest design gives you full customization on the go. Featuring ICORE Support Technology, these dental headrests include two interchangeable support rods. These rods let you choose between extra soft or firm support for optimal head positioning. Additionally, we’ve constructed our neck cushions with industry-leading 6-pound density memory foam. These features make our cushions comfortable and durable. A medical-grade urethane covers each dental cushion. As a result, you can safely clean your cushion with your favorite infection control product. Our dental neck pillows attach to your chairs with an HD elastic strap. The strap adjusts with a heavy-duty locking clamp. Choose the style that fits your dental chair’s headrest.

ICORE Support Technology Backrest for Back Comfort

The MediPosture Backrest features ICORE Support Technology. This technology combines foam science with body temperature. As a result, it delivers ideal back support. Each Backrest cushion has an interchangeable density foam core. This core provides enhanced support to the lower back. The interchangeable core inserts allow you to choose between soft or firm support. Additionally, the Backrest has a thick outer layer of 6-pound density memory foam for comfort.

For superior back support, use the Knee Lift with the Backrest. The MediPosture Knee Lift relieves weight and pressure from the lower back. As a result, the surrounding area muscles relax. Your patients experience a “weightless” feeling in the dental chair.

Overlay Dental Chair Pad for Joint and Body Comfort

The MediPosture dental chair pad provides pressure-point relief for joints and muscles. It’s a comfortable layer between your patient and the hard upholstery of your dental chair. Additionally, our overlay is ideal for covering the wide, lower-back gap common in many chair designs.