4″ – ICORE Memory Headrest

This premium memory foam dental headrest cushion by MediPosture offers proper neck support with ICORE Technology, which helps improve accurate ergonomic head-positioning and patient comfort in dental chairs. Deluxe dental headrest features include: Interchangeable foam core for adjustable comfort, anti-microbial cover for easy infection control, zipper closure and heavy-duty elastic back straps that adjust with a locking clamp. Available Colors: Beige, Black, Gray and Navy. 8”L x 6.25″W x 4”H


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This 4-inch thick dental headrest cushion by MediPosture simulates the head-positioning control of an articulating headrest when added to flat-style dental chairs. The secret is in the shape of the cushion, which correctly “tilts” the patient’s head backward, while providing maximum neck support. This dental headrest cushion is a great way to improve the ergonomic performance and comfort of an older dental chair.


The ICORE memory foam dental headrest cushion by MediPosture features an advanced, distortion resistant design. While other memory foam headrests tend to flatten once weight is applied, an ICORE dental headrest cushion features greater structural integrity. This allows for correctly setting the occlusal plane at 15-20 degrees for easier access to the oral cavity.

To maximize head-positioning control and comfort, an ICORE MediPosture dental headrest cushion is built to a higher technical quality standard than other headrests. The sloping headrest design offers fuller neck support, while the downward slope gently allows patient’s head to slightly “tilt” backward. This results in a greater open-jaw effect. Easy access to the patient’s mouth can help reduce dental operator strain injury.

We take the performance of our ICORE series dental headrest design even further by exclusively using a super-quality, 6-pound, high-density memory foam that offers the greatest resistance to distortion of any headrest. The structural support is further enhanced by ICORE Technology, a stiff-foam inner-support core within the headrest that keeps the dental patient’s neck fully supported at the correct height. The lofted position of the neck, then nuances the head to eagerly “roll” backward for improved access to the mouth. ICORE series memory foam dental headrests are the superior choice to improve chairside ergonomics for dental professionals who struggle between making patients comfortable and protecting themselves from musculoskeletal injury.

A dental headrest should be sized according to the design of the dental chair. Establishing the correct support height of the dental cushion allows for maximum improvement in patient comfort and ergonomic head-positioning. At MediPosture, we like to remind customers that if a dental headrest is too thick, it can negatively change the head-position of the patient and force the chin down toward their chest. For a correct-fitting dental headrest, the experts at MediPosture have specific recommendations to follow. For articulating headrest dental chairs, we recommend a low-profile dental headrest that measures 3.5” thick. For dental chairs that feature a flat-style, or “pull-out” headrest, Mediposture recommends a 4” thick memory foam dental headrest cushion. If you are a practice that regularly treats geriatric dental patients who suffer from Osteoarthritis, we also offer a 6” thick version of our dental headrest that helps to fill in the void between the dental chair and the patient’s neck.

All MediPosture products are covered with a fluid-resistant, medically-engineered, anti-microbial urethane fabric that has been optimized for easy infection-control management in surgical environments such as the dental operatory. The “anti-microbial” feature of this material is designed to slowly release its system throughout the life of the product. The smooth surface of the fabric is also designed so that generally occurring contamination during dental treatments are easily wiped away with infection-control compounds commonly used in dental practices. For longest fabric life, MediPosture recommends using a Quaternary (ammonium-based) compound for infection-control cleaning of the dental headrest between patient visits. Phenolic (alcohol) based compounds can also be used effectively, but with extended use, the urethane material favors Quaternary (ammonium) compounds. The primary factor for both Quaternary and Phenolic compounds is that they are applied using the correct dilution ratio strength as recommended by the compound manufacturer.

Additionally, MediPosture dental headrests are favored for the upgraded features that you won’t find anywhere else. The elastic straps on MediPosture brand headrests are nearly twice as thick when compared to other headrests, greatly reducing over-stretch from repeated use on dental chairs. Even better, MediPosture dental headrest back straps can be slide-adjusted through a locking clamp to make the tightest hold on any dental chair. Our dental headrest covers also feature zippered closures on the back. This makes access to the foam insert very easy and when drawn shut, the dental headrest cover pulls equally from all directions, making for a tighter-fitting cover.

We feel that MediPosture dental headrests and dental chair cushions are a great investment toward the branding and marketing of dental practices. Dental patients want assurance that their dental provider has their care and comfort in mind. So as dental practices consult marketing professionals for advice on how to gain patient referrals, or to improve scheduling for 6-month visits, it can be very simple. For many patients it’s the experience they receive in the dental chair that is remembered. Try a MediPosture memory foam dental headrest and see what a difference it can make.

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Available Colors: Beige, Black, Gray and Navy. 8”L x 6.25″W x 4”H

Recommended for adults, children, and older patients.

Available Colors: black, beige, gray and navy

Specs: 8″L x 6.25″W x 4″H


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Dimensions 9 × 6.25 × 4 in