This versatile Wide-Profile Memory Foam Dental Pillow by MediPosture provides comfortable neck support to patients in dental chairs. The special “D-Shape” memory pillow is a few inches wider than our traditional headrests and is sometimes used as a light-duty shoulder or lumbar support. The CLASSIC Wide-Profile Memory Pillows are a versatile way to help improve patient comfort in the dental chair. (Product does not feature back straps).

Features anti-microbial cover for direct use with infection-control solutions commonly found in the dental operatory. Available colors: Beige, Black, Gray and Navy. 11″ L x 7.5″W x 3.5″H


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A Dental Headrest Pillow Helps Improve Patient Comfort

A dental headrest pillow by MediPosture helps to fill the void between a patient’s neck and the dental chair. The dental patient pillow features a soft, memory foam insert that forms to the curve of a patient’s neck. With full neck support, dental patients can find improved relief from neck strain.

Many dentists choose this wider, low-profile shape of dental headrest pillow for its versatility. This dental headrest not only provides comfortable neck support to patients, but it can also be used for improving lumbar and shoulder support.

The Wide-Body dental headrest pillow by MediPosture measures 11-inches wide, which is a few inches wider than our conventional dental headrest. Some dentists prefer the generous-sized neck support for their patients. The memory foam insert is a premium 5-pound density foam, which will form and provide additional cushion to any dental chair.

If primarily seeking to use this Wide-Body dental headrest for improving patient neck comfort and ergonomic head-positioning, MediPosture strongly recommends considering the premium ICORE series of dental headrests. ICORE series dental headrests are specifically engineered to “tilt” the patient’s head backward and offer improved structural support with a greater resistance to distortion.

If choosing to use this dental pillow primarily for lumbar support, MediPosture offers two enhanced products that are designed to specifically provide lumbar support. For the strongest lumbar support, we offer the High-Support dental backrest, which provides a firmer support experience. For a more luxurious lumbar support, we offer the ICORE dental backrest, which features high-density memory foam that is structurally enhanced by a stiff-foam core. For more information: VIDEO

All MediPosture products are covered with a medical-grade of soft, anti-microbial urethane material that makes infection-control easy. While some dentists still use rolled towels for neck support, MediPosture offers a safer, more sterile option. Between patient uses, each MediPosture dental headrest pillow can be cleaned using infection-control compounds that are commonly found in the dental operatory. The material contains no latex or phthalates!

Measures: 11″ L x 7.5″W x 3.5″H

Available in Colors: Beige, Black, Gray and Navy

Weight N/A
Dimensions 9 × 6.25 × 6 in


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