This premium Memory Foam headrest offers a minimalist approach to headrest design by featuring a soft, medical-grade vinyl coating as an infection control barrier. This sleek format also incorporates ICORE Support Technology for maximum patient-positioning control. The perfect cushion for those who do oral surgery or want an alternative to headrest covers. The 4″ thickness sizing of this headrest is optimal for Flat Headrest style dental chairs.


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A Dental Flat-Style Headrest Cushion for Oral Surgeons

MediPosture adopted a minimalist design with this flat-style headrest. Instead of a removable cover, it features a soft vinyl coating. This medical-grade coating serves as an infection control barrier. Additionally, this dental headrest is optimal for flat-style chairs.

This memory foam headrest offers ICORE Support Technology. As a result, you control patient head positioning. Thus, your working angles improve. Our long-lasting, 6-pound density memory foam includes two interchangeable support rods. These rods let you choose between soft or firm support. Additionally, a zipper allows for quick support rod changes. Plus, each dental headrest features an elastic back strap. It also includes a heavy-duty strap with locking buckle. Thus, you can adjust the position of the headrest with ease.

“A memory foam dental headrest with ICORE Support Technology combines foam science with body temperature. Thus, patients enjoy unmatched neck support. Superior head-positioning control provides greater access to the occlusal planes.” – Nicholas Lamp II, Owner of MediPosture

Vinyl-Coated Flat-Style Headrest Cushion Specifications

Recommended for adults and older patients.

Colors: black and medical blue

Specs: 8″L x 6.25″W x 4″H


Easy Care for Your Flat-Style Headrest Cushion

Each MediPosture dental headrest cushion offers great infection control. Our durable vinyl coating withstands cleaning between patient visits. Plus, you can use your favorite cleaning product to wipe down your MediPosture headrest.


Weight N/A
Dimensions 9 × 6.25 × 3.5 in


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